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Главная » 2007 » Декабрь » 10 » Games for Linux Live DVD
Games for Linux Live DVD


Название: Games for Linux Live DVD
Год: 2007
Разработчик: Linux-Gamers.net
Издатель: Linux-Gamers.net
Тип издания: Лицензия
Интерфейс: Английский
Таблетка: Не требует
Платформа: РС

Описание: Live.linuX-gamers.net is a Linux live-dvd distribution: "boot 'n play"

The project live.linuX-gamers.net was founded with the idea to present Linux games at the Linuxtag exhibition in a novel way. A collection of games should be shown to directly run from DVD without the user in need to know about Linux or care about his system. After some intense brainstorming sessions the team decided to create and publish this DVD as a live distribution project. Thus an additional and very difficult problem had to be solved: The dvd should run on every x86 PC out there.

At the very beginning the team was split up into two groups. The first group was meant to create a live-dvd based on any existing live distribution and to include games appropriate for younger players. The second group should create a live distribution from scratch, designed for high performance 3d games.

Unfortunately the first team dedicated to the family suited games failed in finding a good live distribution which could be taken to create a base system fitting our ideas. But luckily the second team was successful. They created a livedvd based on archELinux, an embedded distribution arisen of ArchLinux. The archELinux project is still undocumentated yet, but the documentation is currently done in course of a diploma thesis by one of the team members. More details about the technical part of this project will then be available on the archELinux page, please be patient.

Системные требования: Your PC must at least meet these requirements:

* intel x86 architecture
* 512 MB ram
* videocard with 3d acceleration

The games on the DVD have different hardware requirements, have a look on their project page. But all of them are running fine on a testsystem with this hardware configuration: AMD 1800+, 512MB ram, ATI Radeon 8500 (comparable to nvidia gf3)

Установка: Скачайте игру
Потом записать диск ДВД
Потом вставь диск и RESTART COMPUTER
И появится не WindowsXP a Linux Game

Источник: Linux-Gamers.net



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